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Seeta Krumpe

Seeta is a surprie on every page. She is a young woman with a bold forceful talent who has been in love with writing before she could put a pen to paper. She wrote her first short stories, poems, songs and novels as a child. Her poem, entitled Snapdragons, won first place in a national Library of Poetry contest in 2006. Her first published novel is Political Affairs that she began to write when she was sixteen years old.  This is the first of many books forthcoming. She will continue writing until she can no longer hold a pen to paper. Her passion is apparent in every paragraph. All illustrations are her own artwork. She designs her own covers and  internal images. 



Political Affairs

Political Affairs is the first published novel by Seeta Krumpe. It is now available for purchase through Amazon and SMJKBooks.


Stay tuned for future book releases and weekly poems!


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